Strategic Planning

Strategic planning, sometimes called Long-Range or Growth Planning, is an extremely essential part of securing the success of a company. Unfortunately, far too often, this critical process is not taken as seriously as should be or ignored altogether. We help small, medium and large companies understand this process and to create plans for success.

Public Relations

Developing and maintaining a positive public image is indispensable. Separate from brand building or marketing, a powerful public relations strategy that seeks positive publicity is a key element to any business. Our PR team can help you with any PR needs.

Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching program, designed for mid-level and executive-level leaders, supports your individual growth goals and focuses on achieving results. If you want that competitive edge, we have the coach for you.

Business Growth

Our growth team helps you to understand and implement a growth plan that factors in all aspects to your your business, market, customers, employees when developing your growth strategy.

Event and Meeting Planning

Our event and meeting planning team of seasoned experts will plan any or every aspect of your next conference, retreat, meeting, or any other corporate event. We hare here to make it easy for you.

Business Funding

Our business funding team helps both start-ups and established business of any size to create a funding strategy prepare investor materials, financial models, and presentations for their capital needs.

Board Development

A well-constructed, well-trained and highly preforming Board of Directors can make or break a company. We offer comprehensive board training, assessment, director recruitment, succession planning and other vital board development services.


We support our clients through every aspect of successfully negotiating deals, partnerships, acquisitions and mergers by preparing them for negotiations, assisting them in the negotiation process, or conducting negotiations on their behalf.

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